Innovation and Creativity, The Key of Success

Innovation and Creativity are the key of success.

Steve Johnson, the author of the book “The Innovator’s Cookbook” says, “There’s no any kind of work that can’t be fixed by innovative thinking”

What’s the secret to do the innovation? Johnson said to a group of innovative people. They’re entrepreneurs, designers, artists, and musicians. One of them is a  composer of Brian Eno’s song.

“One of the great work that he did is when he sat in the studio to started an album, he often made his band’s members exchanging their music instrument” said Johnson.

So imagine, a drummer plays guitar and keyboard player plays violin. How’s the sound? first time sounds not good. But, the process made them feel free.

“Now, they made a new sound of music, a new way to play music together that they never supposed to do. This is an example of big step about what we want to do in life. Trying new things, don’t afraid to fail, because what will be happen is, we might be delivered to somethings new.” said Johnson

One of the essays written by Teresa Amabile, a professor at Harvard Business School and author of “The Progress Principle.”

Amabile said, “It’s possible to shut down creativity. A poor working environment can shut down creativity, because there’s no stimulus to grow.”

In her essay, Professor Amabile giving advice to support innovation in the workplace.

“People need to feel that they have the freedom to do what they do. They also need to be involved in what they do, so they know the interesting, satisfying, fun, and challenging things. If they had that kind of thinking, they are more likely to have new beneficial ideas. Moreover, people also should be encouraged to be creative, ” she explained.

To be realized, creativity also requires good cooperation, write Steve Johnson in “The Innovator’s Cookbook.”

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